Blast Cabinet Metering Valve With Drain Plug


This is our most popular version of our blast cabinet metering valve. Upgrade your Harbor Freight blast cabinet with significantly better performance. This valve installs at the bottom of your blast cabinet and eliminates the terrible stock siphon-tube design. Convert to a gravity fed metering valve setup today and discover why it is the best single modification you can make to your economy blast cabinet.

This valve features a removable threaded drain plug to make draining media even easier. Make adjustments to media flow in seconds using only your fingertips.

This simple and affordable blast cabinet upgrade features durable construction, is hand assembled in the USA and will blow you away with the results!

Need an installation kit? Our hose kits get you blasting better faster. They include blast media hose, hose clamps, and a grommet to make installation even simpler.


This is the most popular version of our blast cabinet metering valve. It offers great value and amazing performance. The removable drain plug provides a convenient way to drain media without disturbing hose connections.

Key Features:

  • Amazing improvement in blasting performance! Eliminate the dreadful stock siphon tube setup and see a huge improvement. Get better blasting performance with our metering valves.
  • Affordable. Our product works better and costs less than doing it yourself.
  • Durable Construction using heavy duty all metal components.
  • Improved Flow
  • Tool – less Adjustments: Adjust the air inlet flow using your fingertip in seconds. Quickly adjust the air and media mixture without tools!
  • Sealed Connections
  • Easy Installation thanks to clear and detailed instructions
  • We bevel/chamfer internal edges at the hose connections to improve flow
  • Durable metal threaded square drain plug
  • 3/8 air inlet valve provides easy adjustments
  • Valve comes ready to accept 1/2″ ID blast hose. (Can be converted to use other hose sizes if desired.)
  • Clear rust preventative coating applied.
  • Can be converted to one of our Easy Drain Valves at any point in the future.

How It Works:

Our affordable blast cabinet metering valve eliminates the horrible stock suction tube design found on Harbor Freight and similar blast cabinets. Instead of trying to suck media up from a poorly designed tube, gravity feeds media down into the valve. Compressed air blowing through the blast gun creates suction that pulls the blast media through the hose. This simple Harbor Freight blast cabinet upgrade means dramatically improved blasting performance. The difference is like night and day.  No more struggling to keep the bottom of a tube covered. No more surging, and slow blasting performance.

Draining Media:

Our valves mount at the lowest point of the bottom of your blast cabinet media hopper or chute. This is usually on some sort of drain door. The good news is, you don’t need to struggle with that door anymore. When it is time to drain media,, simply grab a wrench or large pliers and remove the square drain plug. Once media has drained, clear any media dust from the threads and reinstall the drain plug. The only way it gets easier is with our Easy Drain valves!


This valve works with whatever gun and compressed air setup you already have in place. Our product works with the stock gun, trigger-less guns, foot pedal setups and more.

Installation is simple and can be completed by most customers in 15 to 30 minutes. Detailed printed installation instructions with photos are provided with purchase.

Installation consists of:

  1. Cut or drill a hole (approximately 1-1/4″ in diameter) at the lowest point of your blast cabinet.
  2. Mount metering valve using the provided washer and nut.
  3. Connect the media hose to your valve using a hose clamp.
  4. Route the blast hose back into your cabinet. This typically requires drilling a hole and installing a grommet to protect the hose.
  5. Connect the blast media siphon hose to your blast gun using a hose clamp.
  6. Adjust air pressure and air flow and enjoy your improved abrasive blasting performance. We provide instructions to help you achieve the best results.

Tools Required/Recommended for Assembly:

  • Large pliers or an adjustable wrench to tighten the mounting nut
  • A Phillips-head or slotted screwdriver for tightening hose clamps
  • A utility knife or other method
  • A step drill bit or other method to drill holes for grommet.
  • 1-1/4″ metal hole saw

What’s Included:

Your purchase includes the metering valve, mounting hardware and instructions only.

You’ll need to supply the following items:

  • Blast media siphon hose. We recommend 6 feet for most cabinets. More or less may apply depending on your setup.
  • 2 hose clamps for the hose above.
  • Grommet(s) for the media hose and air hose if required
  • Installation tools
  • Your existing blast cabinet and whatever blast gun setup you prefer.

Need to purchase blast hose and accessories? Want to get started as soon as possible? Check out our metering valve media hose kits! They include blast hose, hose clamps and a correctly sized grommet to protect the hose when routing it back inside the cabinet.


This is a fast and affordable way of adding a metering valve to your Harbor Freight or other blast cabinet. Save time and money over trying to do it yourself.


Our metering valves are hand assembled with great attention to detail. All major construction features durable metal components.

Assembled in the USA:

Our metering valves are hand assembled in-house by us, right here in the USA!

Sealed Connections:

We seal all threaded connections areas with thread tape or pipe sealant. Although it isn’t necessary, we take the time to do this to prevent unnecessary leaks and provide additional peace of mind.

Beveled Internal Edges to Improve Performance:

The brass hose fitting normally has a flat square edge at the end of the threads. This creates a small area that can restrict flow slightly. Media can bounce off these edges and get temporarily hung up. This slightly impedes media flow as a result.

We take a few extra minutes during manufacturing to bevel and or chamfer edges at or near the hose connection. This creates a gradual taper between internal mating surfaces at the hose connection. This smoother transition results in fewer areas of restriction and better flow.

Rust Preventative Coating:

We finish construction by spraying all of our valves with a durable, clear, permanent protective coating. Some of the pieces in these valves could start to rust or corrode in a humid environment like a shop or garage.  We eliminate or reduce the likelihood of this by coating the outside of all assembled valves with a clear, rust- preventative coating.

Compatible Cabinets:

This valve works with countless siphon style blast cabinets. It works great with the Harbor Freight 40 pound capacity floor cabinet. The fun doesn’t stop there. This product is also compatible with economy cabinets from Central Pneumatic, Princess Auto, Eastwood, Jegs, Dragway Tools, PowerFist and many more! All you generally need is a flat horizontal area at the lowest point of your blast cabinet hopper, measuring approximately 2″ x 2″ and enough below the cabinet to install the valve.

Upgrade to the Easy Drain Valve After Purchase:

Want to make media changes even easier? Upgrade to a drain valve and empty media with the flick of your wrist. Good news! You can upgrade to a drain valve instead of the threaded plug at any point after purchase. The process is very easy. Our Easy Drain upgrade comes with everything you need and it installs in seconds. Simply remove the threaded drain plug and install our Easy Drain upgrade (or your own solution) in about 1-2 minutes!

What Sets our Valves Apart from the competition?

  • Quality construction
  • Attention to detail
  • We bevel the internal edges of the hose connections etc. to remove areas of restriction and to smooth flow. This creates less area for media to get hung up or bounce around.
  • Rust preventative coating
  • Affordable


More Questions?

Check out our FAQ for answers to many pre and post purchase questions! If you don’t find the answer there, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to help!



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