Media Drain Valve


Tired of slow and messy blast media changes? Emptying your blast cabinet is never fun . . . unless you have one of our media drain valves. Install this heavy duty media drain valve and drain blast media with the flick of your wrist.

Installation is crazy simple.  Just remove the drain plug from of our metering valves and thread this product in, in its place. If you’re regretting not purchasing an Easy Drain metering valve, you can upgrade today without breaking the bank.

  • Durable brass and stainless steel valve construction
  • Full diameter
  • Easy Installation


Make media changes a breeze with our large bore media drain valve. This is the same heavy duty drain valve installed on our Easy Drain Metering Valve setups. Upgrade your existing drain plug metering valve to crazy fast media changes with the help of this product.

Product Features:

  • Large diameter
  • Heavy duty forged brass construction
  • Stainless steel internal ball valve mechanism
  • Large sturdy handle with grip for comfort
  • Simple installation. The install only takes a couple of minutes or less!
  • PLEASE NOTE: This product listing is for the drain valve only. No metering valve is included. We have shown a photo of the product installed for demonstration purposes only.

Simple Media Changes:

Changing media isn’t fun. Our Easy Drain media drain valve is a game changer. Tired of struggling with dirty, messy drain plugs? This is the solution for you. No more cleaning threads. No more lost drain plugs. Now emptying your blast media is as simple as a flick of your wrist. Just place a container under the drain valve and turn the handle. Your blast media will come rushing out thanks to the large diameter of this valve.

Easy Installation:

This product comes with a threaded fitting and is ready to install. We provide detailed installation instructions but you probably won’t need them. Simply remove your existing square drain plug and screw this valve in. That’s right! You just thread the media drain valve in to the bottom of your metering valve in place of your drain plug. Hand tight is often tight enough but you can also tighten lightly with a large adjustable wrench or similar tool. Installation is complete. It’s that easy!


This product will work with any of our metering valves that include a drain plug, including the aluminum metering valve. This product can also serve as a replacement for the media drain valve installed on our Easy Drain metering valves.


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