Damage Policy

This page covers all policies and procedures related to damaged products, including damage incurred during shipment. Please review the information provided here and reach out to us if you need further assistance.

Shipping Damage

Fortunately, damage and other issues with shipping are rare. When they do occur, we understand the inconvenience these issues cause. We’ll work with you every step of the way to resolve the issue. We just ask that you do the same!


  • Keep the damaged item and all original packaging! Do not discard them until we tell you it is safe to do so.
  • Email us within 3 days of receiving a damaged shipment. Include your name, address, details and supporting evidence.
  • Supply us with clear digital photos of all damage. Include packaging slips and shipping labels in the photos whenever possible.
  • If you’re unable or unwilling to provide photos you may need to ship the item and all packaging back to us at your expense.
  • If you’re unable or unwilling to send the items and packaging back to us, you may need to take the item(s)and packing materials to the local location of the shipping carrier (such as your local Post Office etc.) for inspection.
  • Shipping damage will likely require an insurance claim filed with the shipping carrier.
  • There are two options: for filing a claim: handle the claim yourself or have us file it. (See details below.)
  • We will not be held responsible and are not liable for loss or damage if a customer fails or refuses to comply will all requests related to processing the insurance claim.
  • We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen shipments if an insurance claim is denied or if the shipment was uninsured.
  • We may have to wait until the shipping carrier approves or denies an insurance claim before we issue a decision on a refund or replacement. This is especially true for shipments exceeding $100 in value.


You should notify us as soon as possible after receiving a damaged shipment and within 3 days of delivery.

For missing, lost or undelivered shipments please allow 7-10 business days after the ship date before contacting us. This allows for slow, delayed, or misdirected shipments to arrive.

Once we’ve been notified of an issue with your shipment, we’ll do our best to resolve it as fast as possible. Issues can take anywhere from 1 business day to a month or more or rare occasions. It depends on the nature of the issue, how fast the shipping carrier responds and more.

Evidence of Damage

KEEP THE DAMAGED PRODUCT AND ALL PACKAGING! This includes all bubble wrap, cushioning, padding and packing slips. Please do not discard or destroy any packaging until we have resolved the issue fully and told you it is safe to do so. Yes. We know it is an inconvenience and we do apologize. However, it is necessary. Why?

The shipping carriers do not always accept photos as evidence of damage. They may request to inspect the item and all packaging as part of the insurance claim investigation. In addition, we may need you to provide additional photos of a different part or angle. If you don’t have them you/we cannot prove damage and your claim may be denied.

Please provide us with clear photos of damage to the product and shipping. This can greatly accelerate how fast we can begin any insurance claim process. Be sure to clearly show the product, the damage, packaging, photos of the packing slip, and shipping labels.

Those customers who are unwilling, or unable, to provide digital photos of the damage may be required required to return the damaged product and all packaging materials back to us at their own expense. As an alternative, the customer must retain the product and all packaging and take them to the shipping carrier’s local office local office for inspection when requested.

Lost or Misdirected Shipments

Please allow 7-10 business days from the shipping date for your order to arrive. If your order hasn’t arrived after 10 business days contact us. We’ll work with you to get to the bottom of it. An insurance claim may be necessary depending on the circumstances.

Shipping Insurance/Indemnity Claims

Most of our shipments have some sort of loss or damage insurance or protection coverage.

A damaged or lost shipment will likely involve a claim filed with either the carrier or third party insurance provider. Either the customer or sender can file a claim, but not both. Please note, if we elect to issue a refund prior to initiating a claim, an insurance claim cannot be filed by the customer. You can receive a merchant refund or seek reimbursement from the shipping carrier. You cannot receive a refund from us and receive reimbursement from a claim via the carrier.

Any insurance or protection coverage does not cover damage or loss that occurs after delivery. For example, you drop or damage an item while opening the package or a package is lost or stolen after delivery.

When checking out, customers agree to terms indicating they’ll fully cooperate and participate with us, the shipping carrier, or insurance company regarding any claim for loss or damage. This cooperation includes, without limitation:

  • Completing questionnaires or affidavits requested or required by the shipping carrier
  • Responding to request for more information from us, the shipping carrier, or the insurance company
  • Providing photos of damage
  • Keeping all items and packaging for inspection until your claim is fully resolved

Failure to fully comply with requests related to your claim in the amount of time allowed will likely result in your claim being denied. No refund, replacement or reimbursement will be issued when the customer fails to cooperate or fully participate in the claim process.

Claim Process

Customers can choose from one of two options. Either the customer files a claim or we do. Both the customer and merchant cannot file a claim. It is one or the other.

Customer Files Claim:
In this scenario the customer will seek reimbursement from the shipping carrier etc. The customer must provide all supporting evidence, proof etc. Please note we may still require digital photos demonstrating actual damages. If you choose this method, please let us know. We’ll do our best to supply the shipping carrier or insurance company with any info they request from us. If the shipping carrier approves your claim they’ll issue you a refund and you may repurchase any replacement items from us.

We file the claim:
This is generally preferred method for our customers since it involves less time and work. Unless you inform us otherwise, we’ll assume this is the approach you would to take to your claim. We’ll handle as much of the claim without your involvement as possible. Once you’ve provided photos or evidence of damage we will file a claim. We may need to request additional information once we hear back on the claim. Sometimes the shipping carrier or insurer want to inspect the product and packaging, or need you to fill out documentation. You agree to fully cooperate with this process. It can sometimes take several weeks. We may need the damaged item and packaging materials sent back to us.

In this scenario we may elect to issue an immediate refund or replacement and wait for reimbursement from the shipping carrier. We decide on a case by case basis. In some situations, and in most orders valued at over $100.00, we may need to wait until the insurance claim process is complete and a decision has been made by the carrier or insurer before we can issue a refund. This ensures customers will respond to requests for more information from the shipping carrier etc.

Undeliverable Shipments

Free shipping and any shipping charges charged at checkout only cover one instance of shipping. Please check your shipping address carefully before completing your purchase. If multiple unsuccessful delivery attempts are made, or if a package isn’t deliverable as addressed, it may be returned to us.

If we used the address provided to us (or a reasonable variation thereof) we are not responsible for any additional shipping charges. If a package comes back to us as undeliverable or refused, we will contact you via email. We are happy to reship at your request and your expense in these cases. In the unlikely event a shipment is returned as undeliverable due to an error on our part, we will ship again at no cost to you.


Both we and the shipping carrier consider a package to be delivered if the carrier’s tracking and/or delivery confirmation details show the item as delivered. We also consider a package delivered if the carrier has made multiple unsuccessful attempts to deliver at the address you provided.

The title and risk of loss pass to you upon our delivery of the items to the shipping carrier. We are not responsible for packages lost or stolen after shipment or delivery. We are not responsible for loss or theft if the shipping carrier leaves the package with someone at the address other than the intended recipient. Please contact us before purchase if you need delivery restricted to a certain person We may be able to offer restricted delivery with signature confirmation for an additional expense upon request.

Fees and Additional Expenses

We will not be liable for any amount in excess of your the original purchase amount of your order, in any scenario. In rare cases a return or claim for damaged or lost goods may require you to directly or indirectly pay additional fees. The maximum amount we reimburse will be the cost of your order. We are not responsible for additional costs associated with your time, packaging materials, return postage, copying fees, fuel, mileage or similar expenses.

Compensation and Reimbursement

Contacting us regarding shipping damage or losses does not guarantee we accept responsibility. Nor does it guarantee the shipping carrier or insurance company will approve any claims submitted. We have an internal investigation and claims process in addition to any external claims. We may approve or deny claims for refunds regardless of any third party claim outcome. We may deny any claims if we determine or suspect fraud, deceit, dishonesty, neglect or abuse of the process. Likewise, if the customer fails to respond to requests for additional information or otherwise violates the terms and conditions described herein, we may deny a claim.

If approved, in no case shall we be liable for any amount greater than the original purchase amount shown yon your order. Most shipping carriers and shipping insurers will not pay out for claims exceeding the order value. Shipping costs are typically not covered via a shipping carrier’s damage claim process.

If we approve a claim internally, the method of reimbursement will be chosen by us. This may include, without limitation, things such as: a full or partial refund, a replacement product, replacement parts or pieces, or store credit.

Damage Caused by Customers

Shipping insurance does not cover damage that occurs after delivery. If you damage a product after delivery, installation or use please contact us with details. We don’t typically offer replacement parts, but we be able to work with you to repair or replace the product.


By purchasing and contacting us to submit a claim for shipping damage or loss, you agree to all the terms and policies described and disclosed herein.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’ll do our best to assist you!

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