Easy Drain Blast Cabinet Metering Valve Upgrade


Do you need great blasting performance with easy media changes? Let’s be honest. Nobody likes changing abrasive media. It can be messy, dusty and tedious. Kneeling down to struggle with dump doors or awkward upside down drain plugs is no fun. Struggle no more! Our “Easy Drain” blast cabinet metering valves make the entire process simple, quick and easy. Now you can empty your blast cabinet with a simple flick of your wrist. Just turn the handle on the drain valve 90 degrees to open or close the drain. It’s that simple!

You get the same blasting performance of our most popular blast cabinet metering valve combined with a heavy duty drain valve.


Our “Easy Drain” blast cabinet metering valve just might change the way you feel about blasting and maintaining your blast cabinet. You get great blasting performance and ridiculously simple media changes. If you change media frequently, or just want to do it as easily as possible, this is the metering valve for you!

Key Features:

  • Get a huge improvement in blasting performance and media flow.
  • Eliminates the awful stock siphon tube design,, resulting in faster and more effective blasting.
  • Easy media changes! Our full bore heavy duty drain valve allows you to quickly empty media with the flick of your wrist. No messy drain plug to struggle with!
  • Affordable. Our competitive pricing gets you a great deal. Save time and money compared to attempting to do it yourself.
  • Durable All Metal construction
  • Improved Media Flow
  • Tool Free Flow Adjustments: Quickly adjust the air and media mixture using your finger.
  • Sealed Thread Connections
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Clear and detailed installation and use instructions
  • We custom bevel and chamfer internal edges at the hose connections to improve flow
  • Arrives ready to accept 1/2″ ID blast media siphon hose. (This valve can also be converted to use other hose sizes if desired.)
  • Clear rust preventative coating on external surfaces prevent rust and corrosion.

How Does it Work?:

This affordable blast cabinet metering valve upgrade eliminates the terrible stock siphon tube setup you’ll find on Harbor Freight and similar low cost cabinets.

Instead of attempting to suck media up an inherently flawed tube, gravity helps feed media down into the metering valve. The compressed air passing through the blast gun creates a vacuum that pulls blast media up through the blast media hose.

The bottom line is our simple Harbor Freight blast cabinet upgrade means dramatically improved blasting performance. The difference is truly astonishing in most cases. There’s no more struggling to keep the bottom of a tube covered with media. No more easy clogging. No surging. No more infuriatingly poor blasting performance!

Draining Media:

Changing media doesn’t get any easier than it does with our Easy Drain valves.  You don’t need to struggle with that media drain door anymore. You don’t need to reach for a tool. There’s not even a drain plug to lose or clean.

When it’s time to empty your blast cabinet just find a suitable container. Place it under your metering valve and turn the drain valve handle 90 degrees to open the valve. That’s it! You can truly drain media with the flick of your wrist!

Our Easy Drain valves are the ideal solution for those who change media frequently. They’re also a great premium solution for those who want to make emptying blast media as fast, easy, and mess free as possible.


Keep your existing blast gun setup. Our metering valves work with the stock gun, trigger-less guns, foot pedal setups and pretty much any other common siphon style blast gun.

The simple installation is easily performed by most customers in 30 minutes or less.  We provide detailed printed installation and use instructions with photos. We also provide a variety of resources here on our site to help further. No worries. If you run into any unforeseen issues, just contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Basic Installation Steps:

Installation is easy. We provide detailed instructions with your purchase that answer most questions and address nearly any situation you might encounter during installation. The process involves 6 basic steps.

  1. Drill or cut a 1-1/4″ hole at the bottom of your blast cabinet hopper.
  2. Install the metering valve using the hardware provided.
  3. Secure blast hose to metering valve using a hose clamp.
  4. Drill a hole and install a grommet to run the blast hose back inside the cabinet.
  5. Connect the other end of the media hose to blast gun and secure with a hose clamp.
  6. Use the provided instructions to adjust air pressure and air flow and enjoy your improved abrasive blasting performance.

Tools Recommended for Assembly:

  • Large Channel Lock pliers, an adjustable wrench, or other tool to tighten the mounting nut
  • A screwdriver for tightening hose clamps
  • A razor knife or other tool suitable for cutting hose
  • A step drill bit or drill bits for drilling grommet holes
  • A 1-1/4″ diameter metal hole saw

What is Included With Purchase?

Your purchase includes:

  • One Metering Valve
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation and use instructions

You’ll need to supply the following items:

The following items are not included with purchase.

  • Blast media siphon hose. We recommend 6 feet for most cabinets. More or less may apply depending on your setup.
  • 2 hose clamps for the hose above.
  • Grommet(s) for the media hose and air hose if required
  • Installation tools
  • Your existing blast cabinet with blast gun setup.

Need to purchase blast hose and accessories? Looking to get started right away? Add a media hose kit to your purchase! Our metering valve hose kits come with a length of blast media hose, hose clamps and a correctly sized grommet for running your the blast hose back inside the cabinet.


Our durable metering valves are carefully priced to save you time and money. You’ll usually get blasting faster and for less money than with a competitor’s product or when attempting to make your own solution.


Our product features durable all metal construction. We hand make each one with great care and careful attention to detail.

Custom Beveled Fittings Improve Performance:

The high quality brass hose fittings we use have a thick wall but feature a flat square ege where the threads start. This creates an area where blast media can gets temporarily hung up and flow is slightly impeded.

During manufacturing we take a little extra time to chamfer and or bevel these edges at or near the hose connection. This results in a much smoother transition and improved flow.

Assembled in the USA:

We hand assemble each metering valve in-house, right here in America.

Sealed Connections:

Although it isn’t necessary, we take the time to seal every threaded connection for extra peace of mind.

Rust Preventative Coating:

Some of the components used in our valves can rust when exposed to high levels of humidity for extended periods of time. We greatly reduce or eliminate the chances of this happening by applying a rust-preventative coating. We spray the exterior of every assembled valve with a durable and permanent clear protective coating.

Compatible Cabinets:

This valve works with countless siphon style blast cabinets. It works amazingly well with the popular Harbor Freight 40 pound capacity floor cabinet. it will also work with countless others.

Generally speaking, all you need is a flat horizontal area at the lowest point of your blast cabinet hopper measuring approximately 2 inches by 2 inches. You can even get away with a little less room than that with some creativity. That makes our product compatible with many of the affordable abrasive blast cabinets sold or manufactured by: Jegs, PowerFist, Eastwood, Central Pneumatic, Princess Auto, Dragway Tools and many others.

Still Have Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. We’ve worked hard to answer the most common questions regarding our product. If you don’t find the answers you seek there, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to provide assistance!


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