Blast Cabinet Media Hose Kit


Our blast cabinet media hose kit comes with everything you need to hook up the abrasive media side of our metering valves. You’ll get our quality blast hose we hand selected to offer the best performance and flexibility.

What’s Included:

  • High quality, durable, braid reinforced flexible blast cabinet media hose in a length of your choice
  • Two stainless steel hose clamps
  • One properly sized rubber grommet
  • No air hose is included. You use your existing blast gun and compressed air hose supply setup.


Our blast cabinet media hose kit comes with everything your need to install the abrasive side of our media metering valves.  You get your choice of blast cabinet media hose length, two stainless steel hose clamps and a properly sized rubber grommet to protect the hose where it goes through the hole you drill in your cabinet. Purchase a hose kit with your metering valve and get started as soon as your purchase arrives.

Blast Cabinet Media Hose Features:

We hand selected this hose to offer the best combination of performance, value, durability and flexibility.

  • High Quality Flexible media hose with 1/2″ ID and 3/4″ OD
  • Durable, cloth braid reinforced hose is strong and flexible
  • Not stiff or brittle like the terrible hardware or big box store hose
  • Semi transparent design means you can still see media flow

Buying online from other sources is always a gamble. Yes, you might be able to find some sort of hose locally. You’ll end up disappointed. We’ve tried and used it all. Everything we’ve bought from a local hardware store or big box store ends up being too cheap and flimsy or too stiff and rigid. To make matters worse, you often end up overpaying for it.

How much hose do you need?

Every blast cabinet setup is unique, but we generally advise keeping your media hose runs as short and straight as possible. Avoid kinking or sharp bends. You can always plan your run with some string or something similar and then measure the string.

Six feet to 8 feet of blast hose is typical. A 6′ length of our hose is typically enough to install our metering valves on a 40 lb capacity Harbor Freight style blast cabinet. Many customers choose 8′ of hose to give them a little extra room for error. The 10′ or 12′ length option is intended to offer a way to order extra replacement hose. Remember, media hose is a consumable item. It eventually wears out and needs replacing.

Please note, since you’re using your existing blast gun setup, we don’t supply air hose with this kit. Our metering valves use your existing air hose and blast gun setup. As a result, this kit does not include air hose. If you plan on upgrading to a foot pedal or similar setup you’ll need to provide your own air hose, grommet, fitting(s) and related installation accessories.

Product Appearance May Vary:

In order to ensure continued availability and the best pricing, we work with a few select suppliers to provide our braided reinforced blast cabinet hose and accessories. From time to time there may be minor differences in product appearance from what is pictured in the product listing. For example, the hose you receive and the hose pictured in the product listing may not look identical. Some hose may be slightly bluer or whiter in hue for example. Hose clamps and grommets may vary in appearance as well. We do our best to keep the site updated with current product photos, but it isn’t always possible. Rest assured any minor variations in appearance do not affection quality or function. All products we ship will still have the same performance, durability and flexibility.

Additional information

Hose Length:

5 Feet, 6 Feet, 8 Feet, 10 Feet, 12 Feet


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