About Us

What makes us qualified to advise you on blast cabinet upgrades?

  • 26 years of experience with siphon and suction style blast cabinets.
  • We use the products we sell.
  • We design and assemble many of the products we sell.
  • 12 years experience upgrading and modifying imported abrasive blast cabinets. We have experience making the most of economy style blast cabinets.
  • We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve wasted time and money over the years trying things that don’t work so you don’t have to.

We’re a small company dedicated to helping you get BIG blasting results out of your economy blast cabinet. BlastBig.com was born out of necessity. Like most of our customers and visitors, we were disappointed with the performance of our affordable imported sandblast cabinet. Surging, sputtering, dust, clogging . . . the problems never seemed to end.

We’ve been using multiple variations of the affordable hobby style abrasive style blast cabinets since 2012. The journey began with our founder and a homemade blast cabinet. While testing the waters on a new small business project he had a temporary need to etch glass and metal for various handmade products. On a shoestring budget, he didn’t want to invest much money. For around $30 and some items he had on hand, he made his own.

It wasn’t pretty. The main construction consisted of a plastic storage tote, some rubber gloves, a small plexiglass window and some caulk. It was ugly. It had to be used outdoors. It leaked horribly if you didn’t duct tape the daylights out of the lid. Then again, it had to leak because you also need an exhaust. There was no dust collection and no fresh air circulation. It was a success but only because all the failures taught him so much about how abrasive blasting works. It was the first of many important lessons.

Fortunately the products he needed to blast were selling well. He quickly outgrew the homemade DIY box and upgraded to a benchtop cabinet. Problems with that one led to another benchtop cabinet or two. Issues led to further upgrades.

Over the years we’ve used multiple different affordable benchtop blast cabinets and floor standing cabinets from retailers such as Harbor Freight. Along the way we’ve spent countless hours and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars doing things the wrong way. We’ve wasted our time and money doing modifications and upgrades that just aren’t worth the effort.

We’ve since gone on to use these affordable cabinets in nearly daily use in a small business environment. The bottom line is we know what works and probably more importantly, what doesn’t! After 10 years of modifying blasters and making products to make them work better, we decided to start offering them to other customers. We started selling via ebay. After helping many customers there we decided it was time to create our own website where we could share our products, resources and information. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’ll do our best to help you Blast BIG!

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