External Link Policy

We frequently publish or feature outgoing links to external websites other than our own (“external links”). We do this in a good faith effort to provide details about resources, information, products or services we believe to be of potential interest or value to our customers and visitors at the time we published the link.

Any links to an external site (or from an external site to BlastBig.com) do not necessarily constitute an endorsement or approval by us. Any external links are published for informational purposes. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or validity of information posted on external sites. We bear no responsibility for the legality, accuracy or content of external sites. We will not be held responsible for any content or information contained at external sites linking to or linked from our website.

BlastBig.com does not warrant or make any representation about the quality, substance, functionality, merchantability, accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose or any other representation about any third party, third party site, or the content, services or products thereof.

Some external links on our site may be affiliate links. Please refer to our affiliate disclosure for additional details.

If you have questions or concerns concerning content on external sites, contact the external site.

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