CFM Explained: Understanding Air Compressor Output Capacity

Air compressor with text overlay reading "CFM" in large bold black letters.

When it comes to abrasive blasting, airflow is king. If we had to use only one specification to recommend an air compressor for a blast cabinet, it would be airflow output capacity. This is probably the most important specification on a compressor’s spec sheet. The entire job of an air compressor is to provide a … Read more

Knowledge is Power: A Guide to Blast Cabinet Air Compressor Horsepower

Air compressor with text reading "HP" on front

When most of us hear the word, “horsepower” we think of large powerful gas guzzling machines like an automobile engine. Electric motors, like the ones used to power air compressors, have horsepower ratings too. Why would someone shopping for an air compressor care about electric motor horsepower? Mainly because it relates to airflow output. Typically, … Read more

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